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Your Love

..is where it starts

What is a "Love Story" when it comes to a wedding reception?

One of the best ways to personalize your celebration and include your guests in the experience is through the creative telling of your Love Story. Each one is different, reflective of your own past, the events that brought you together and the path you are planning for your future. You’re almost guaranteed to learn something new about your partner and your relationship, and your guests will leave knowing you more intimately and loving you both even more. They will laugh and cry with you, and depart thinking, “Wow! I never knew how perfect they were for each other.”


Your Vision

..brought to life

How do you help a Bride and Groom achieve their vision?

Most DJs plan receptions with their clients. Eric forges friendships. In his work with couples celebrating in the Fredericksburg VA,  Richmond VA and Northern Virginia areas, it’s important that prospective clients understand the Eric Herod Entertainment method, and how we’ll work together to achieve your dream reception. Most clients contract services six or more months prior to the wedding. We meet several times to inspire each other, crafting a unique experience for your guests that revolves around your unique relationship.


You will have homework. It will be your job to think about your dreams and Eric will make you dream with an open mind, encouraging you to try new things. You will laugh during our meetings and you will cry joyfully at your reception. You’ll have just as much fun at your reception as Mary did, saying, “Eric, have you ever had so much fun at a wedding? Seriously? Have you ever? This is the greatest wedding ever!”


Your Memories

..will last a lifetime

How do you want your Brides and Grooms to describe their wedding reception experience with you?

Our best matches are energetic couples, willing to try something new. They love their friends and family, and they appreciate having fun, sharing their personalities, and want to use tears and laughter as fuel to bring people together. They are able to let go of control over their playlist because they trust Eric Herod Entertainment so intrinsically that they are confident that the music will bring the house down.

A legendary wedding starts somewhere, and yours begins with selecting Eric Herod Entertainment. If you are ready to begin planning your reception, fill in the Contact Eric form today and we’ll plan a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your plans in more detail.


The Details

Venue: Lake of the Woods
Photographer:Kelly Craig

Paul & Griselle

Paul and Griselle had one of the those dream weddings. It was a gorgeous day overlooking the sun glistening on a beautiful lake. From the way each of them walked into the ceremony to the way they sent everyone home with a bag of candy, they put their personal stamp on everything. We made sure that their wedding party received their “just do” and shared a hilarious and heart-warming Love Story that made the guests cry. Paul and Griselle are a couple that make this job so rewarding.

« Your Memories John & Ashley »

The Details

Venue:Wyndham at Virginia Crossings, Richmond, VA
Photographer:Melissa Arlena
Florist:Westwood's Heaven Scent Florist

John & Ashley

John and Ashley met on Match.com and boy, are they a perfect couple. They compliment each other beautifully.  Their Personalized Grand Entrance featured dancing couples and short bios for each of the 16 members of their wedding party.


« Paul & Griselle Gene & Kelly »

The Details

Venue:Stevenson Ridge, Spotsylvania, VA
Photographer:Charlotte Parish
Videographer:MJK Video
Catering:Caroline Street Catering
Florist:Jane Guerin
Cake:The Icing Company

Gene & Kelly

Only one word is needed to describe the wedding reception of Gene and Kelly, and that word is ENERGY.  Boy, I have not seen much like this wedding.  From the moment it began to the final conclusion with a dance floor full of people, this reception was non-stop, pure joy.  Gene and Kelly are a great couple who exhibit everything that is right about a relationship.   They are madly in love with each other, and they deeply care for their friends and family.  This reception featured some very unique events, such as a double-dutch with no jump ropes and a garter removal with an “Afro-Circus” surprise.

« John & Ashley David & Brittany »

The Details

Venue:The Inn at Kelly's Ford
Photographer:David Weadon
Officiant:Deb Porter
Florist:Jane Guerin

David & Brittany

One of the cutest couples ever, David and Brittany were amazing. They had to initially reschedule the wedding into January due to David’s military assignment, but they made it so much fun. They are energetic and loving people who cared that their guests had a great time. They met in high school on the very last day of their Senior year, but they would make up for missed time when they traveled with the same group of friends for “Beach Week”. That week sealed the beginning of this couple’s journey.

« Gene & Kelly Rowdy & Allison »

The Details

Venue:Stevenson Ridge, Spotsylvania, VA
Photographer:Rothwell Photography
Videographer:UzLand Productions
Catering:Caroline Street Catering
Florist:Marion Zimmermann

Rowdy & Allison

Rowdy and Allison were a lot of fun.  They had known each other for years, but it took Allison to step up and make the first move.  He was a varsity football player and she was a cheerleader at the same high school, yet it would be after college before these these two dated. But, since their first date, they were inseparable. A touching Love Story, an amazing wedding reception, a great couple.

« David & Brittany Philip & Lauren »

The Details

Venue:Rock Hill Plantation, Stafford, VA
Cake:The Icing

Philip & Lauren

Philip and Lauren’s wedding could be considered one of the most diverse weddings I have ever experienced. Multiple cultures and multiple languages all came together for one single purpose: celebrate the unreal connection that this couple shares. The guests were full of joy, happiness, and love. The Love Story and Personalized Grand Entrance provided much laughter and some very touching moments. The rest of the night? Dance until you drop. Just look at Philip, he had to dress out down to his undershirt because was dancing so much! Side note: This was the first time I met Mark and Christine, who married a year later.

« Rowdy & Allison Mark & Christine »

The Details

Venue:Historic Savage Mill, Savage, MD
CateringPutting On The Ritz
PhotographerPaul Goeth

Mark & Christine

I met Mark and Christine at their friends’ wedding one year earlier. During their friends’ wedding (see Phillip & Lauren), these two were dancing up a storm and having a great time. So much so that they ended up being in the video testimonial. They quickly became my friends and when Christine told me she was finally engaged to Mark, I couldn’t wait to get started on their wedding. I was just as excited as they were. And when the day came, Mark and Christine and their guests were incredible. It was a beautiful location, the guests were vocal and active, the wedding party was huge, and they had some true dancers in the crowd including them. When I shared their Love Story, I made sure to pull the audio from the actual video of their engagement and used it so that everyone could hear exactly how Mark proposed to Christine. This couple, like many others, holds a special place in my heart and I thank them for allowing me to be a part of their wedding day.

« Philip & Lauren Kellen & Ashley »

The Details

Venue:Jepson Alumni Center, Fredericksburg, VA

Kellen & Ashley

Another amazing couple, Kellen and Ashley became friends instantly when we met. From the ceremony to the Washington Capitals themed entrance to a blessing by Ashley’s little niece, we put in fun, personal touches every chance we could. When it came time to dance, this couple danced all night and so did their guests. The floor was full.

« Mark & Christine Alvin & Kelli »

The Details

Venue:Vivian Hannah Paddle Boat, King George, VA
CateringCatering by Dori Farrell
PhotographerJohn Edgar
Cake:Fat Girl Cakes

Alvin & Kelli

With one of the most interesting venues for a wedding reception, Alvin, Kelli, and their guests partied hard on a paddle boat anchored along the Rappahannock River. The reception was an intimate, yet lively celebration where all of the guests danced and participated throughout the evening. The dancing was so crazy that the dock bounced and shook numerous times. They knew each other for years, all the way back to when she was 13, and their relationship grew stronger even through Alvin’s several tours of duty. The way Alvin and Kelli spoke about each other when we met was inspiring, and it was a beautiful thing to see them as husband and wife.

« Kellen & Ashley Eric & Shannon »

The Details

Venue:Daughters of American Revolution Building, Washington DC
Photographer:Jon Brewer, Indianapolis, IN
Catering:Occasions Catering
Florist:Enchanted Florist

Eric & Shannon

Eric and Shannon were referred to me from a mentor of mine back home in Indianapolis named Jim Cerone, and I knew his level of talent and professionalism, so I needed to be on top of my game. The reception was held at a gorgeous location in the heart of the nation’s capital. Everything about the location screamed elegance and the reception was no different. We hid the wedding party on the steps from the street entrance and introduced them as they walked in. After dinner and cake, we shared Eric and Shannon’s Love Story followed by a lot of dancing including recognition of Shannon’s grandparents who had been married for 63 years! How did we do? Let’s hear from the happy couple.

« Alvin & Kelli Josh & Sarah »

The Details

Venue:Jepson Alumni Center, Fredericksburg, VA
Photographer:K Pearlman Photography
Florist:Marian Zimmerman

Josh & Sarah

One of my all-time favorite couples, Josh and Sarah were so much fun. Every planning meeting turned into a laugh-fest. This couple was made each other. During the Love Story, Josh surprised Sarah and everyone by singing the song he wrote and played during the actual proposal. It just set the stage for an intimate night of pure happiness and joy. As the reception was ending, they came to me and said, “Hey Eric, can we make one of video testimonials for you!” How could I deny their request? Here’s the result.

« Eric & Shannon Nick & Melissa »

The Details

Venue:Stevenson Ridge, Spotsylvania, VA
Photographer:K Pearlman Photography
Cake:The Icing

Nick & Melissa

Nick and Melissa’s wedding reception was full of dancing. The floor was packed for much of the night. We shared some fun stories about each member of the wedding party. We shared their Love Story and we recognized Melissa’s grandparents who had been married for 60 years. Throughout the planning process, Melissa was so easy to work with and plan for. Even with Nick far away throughout the whole process, we were still able to plan a full evening that thoroughly engaged all of their guests.

« Josh & Sarah Jeff & Tina »

The Details

Venue:DoubleTree by Hilton New Bern - Riverfront

Jeff & Tina

Jeff and Tina insisted that I be their DJ and MC. So much so that they brought me down to New Bern, NC for their wedding. It was a weekend of fun where we not only had a great time at the wedding reception, but we hung out during the off-times. They are wonderful people who care deeply about making sure everyone felt a part of the celebration. Tina said she would never get involved with a military man, but when she saw Jeff across the way in a crowded room, she was hooked. He spent the rest of their first meeting courting her as if he was Don Johnson from Miami Vice.

« Nick & Melissa Jonathan & Veronica »

The Details

Venue:Rock Hill Plantation House, Stafford, VA
CateringR&R Catering
Photographer:Okodio Photography
Florist:Creations by L.D.
Cake:The Icing

Jonathan & Veronica

At every meeting with Jonathan and Veronica, I believe we all broke out in laughter at least three times. They were one of those couples that just seemed to work perfectly with my own personality. We had a lot of fun roasting their wedding party and in telling the Love Story. Veronica had some really funny reactions when they first met. I’m not sure that the floor was ever empty during the course of the night. It was non-stop dancing. I’m thankful for having clients like these two.

« Jeff & Tina

Your Host

...the Wedding Entertainment Director®

Why Weddings?

Music has always found a way to weave its way into Eric Herod's life. With a penchant for any kind of music that can get you up and dancing, Eric was always "that guy" who could be found creating mixed tapes and taking charge of the music for his college house parties. With a wide range of favorites from Frank Sinatra and Motown to Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson, Eric one day decided it was high time to purchase his own set of turntables and a mixer. And thus, a DJ was born.

Eric began his professional career in 2002 in Raleigh. His days as a successful “club jock” were the very foundation of the work he does today. Eric discovered early on, however, that the niche he loved most was weddings, where the newlyweds are the center of attention and guests are always in the mood to celebrate! He began his own company, Eric Herod Entertainment, in 2007. Eric works with couples celebrating in the Fredericksburg VA,  Richmond VA and Northern Virginia areas.

The first ARMDJs conference in Greeneville, Tennessee in 2008 was a pivotal experience and changed Eric’s career as a DJ forever. He found himself among entertainment professionals who were not simply DJs, making announcements and “pressing play”. They were skilled Masters of Ceremonies and Masters at creating magic at weddings. They invested time with their couples, learning more than just “the facts” and creating wedding experiences that told a story, both literally and figuratively. Eric researched their methods and soaked in their enthusiasm. Even today, he is honored to still consider those entertainment industry thought-leaders his personal friends.

In November of 2012, Eric became the 23rd member of WED Guild®, an elite group of highly trained professionals who are committed to delivering the best quality Music and Master of Ceremonies services for their clients. A Wedding Entertainment Director™ is a highly skilled entertainer that has achieved WED Guild® certification only after his experience, talent, creativity and professionalism have been endorsed by former clients and fellow wedding professionals and then judged and verified by an evaluation team made up of members of the WED Guild® Board of Directors. No other national, wedding entertainment organization has such strict guidlines for membership. Click HERE to learn more about what it means to be a Wedding Entertainment Director®.

Eric Herod Entertainment is the culmination of over a decade of hard work and experience. The results are magical and the goal is simple: create a stress-free environment where a couple’s wedding reception vision becomes reality.

Contact Eric

...to get started

The services that Eric Herod Entertainment provides are far more than standard “push and play” DJs offer. It takes time, extensive experience, knowledge and superior equipment to make dreams come true. As such, our premium services are available in exchange for fair compensation. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments, and offer payment plans to help you spread out the total fees over your months of planning. Services start at $1495. Currently serving celebrations in the Fredericksburg VA, Richmond VA and Northern Virginia areas. Will travel outside of VA with expenses paid.

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