Eric Herod at the Mic (Photo Credit: A Timeless Touch Photography)

The Eric Herod Referral Program Gives YOU Money

Eric Herod Referral Program

Now, as a client of Eric Herod Entertainment, whenever you refer someone to use Eric Herod Entertainment and they book…we’re going to give you a gift.  Through our referral program, and because we LOVE you and working with people likeread more →

Integrity Tested

“Calamity is the test of integrity.”  -Samuel Richardson Last week tragic and astounding events took place on the campus of Penn State University.  It my motivational today, I had to take a little detour from the wedding industry.  Please forgiveread more →

Your Online Event Planning System

Here is a brief video overview of the Online Event Planning System that you have access to as a client of Eric Herod Entertainment.