You have Pinterest.

Or you don’t.

Either way, it’s easy to fill Pinterest boards (or a cork board, if you’re vintage) with pictures of beaded gowns, candles in glass orbs strewn from ivy-covered ceilings, and roughly 8,562 varieties of braided updos. Wedding inspiration is all over Pinterest. It’s a visual mecca.

…But what about the energy of your wedding?

Yes, the energy; it gets your guests on their feet to the latest Bruno Mars song, or produces the happiest of happy tears as they notice you embracing when you’re dancing to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Energy is key; it’s what your guests remember, and it’s what creates genuine smiles and emotions in the pictures framed all over your house for years to come.

It’s an entertainment director’s job to harness that energy, to be a maestro conducting all of the emotion in the room. But there’s no magic baton for a wedding. Instead, here are some secret ideas to make your wedding unexpected, romantic, and stress-free. Yes, it’s possible.

Let me show you how it’s done.


This is one of the rare occasions when everyone you love will be in one room.

It’s time to celebrate the heck out of it.

Your wedding is a shared experience where friends and family travel far and wide for you. Show them how much they mean to you and set the tone right away. If you want to have the most fun wedding, you need to engage your guests from the beginning.

Check out Addam and Erin and their bridal party as they come into the room “Chicago Bulls style” circa 1997. Or John and Ashley’s Interpretive Dance Entrance including a little fun nugget about each wedding party member. Note the energy, the enthusiastic bridal parties, the delight of the guests. And, most importantly, everyone is having the time of their lives, ready to join in on the dance floor after the routines are done. The entrance brings the entire group together.  

Addam and Erin “Chicago Bulls style” Entrance

John and Ashley “Feel So Close” Interpretive Dance Entrance

We’ve even had a wedding party repeat the viral video “Gangnam Style.” But, if repeating a viral video is not your thing, don’t be nervous if you don’t have ideas, I have plenty of them to start your reception off with a bang. From interpreting lines of a song you love, to roasting your bridal party, to all of the up-and-coming trends (ever heard of the “The Wobble?”), we’ll collaborate to find something right for you and your bridal party.

Reach out to us and we will discuss how we can create these FUN Personalized Grand Entrances for your wedding party.


You won your guests over with your high energy entrance, and they are mingling with new people. Your older cousin Vic lets your flower girl dance on his feet.

Now’s the time to lasso that energy back to the purpose everyone is here: your love.

Even after the ceremony is over, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your unique story.

How can you do this? Well, the most effective way I’ve done it is through creating a love story. I’ll interview you and your spouse-to-be, and I’ll mix it into something magical.

Yes, it’s homework, but I promise that it’s the best kind of homework you’ll ever receive.

Listen to how Kevin and Kate first met. And while you don’t know them personally, you’ll feel like you do by the end of this clip.

Or how Luke and Kristen describe the proposal.

All the feels, right? Now imagine how much impact that will have if your love story plays in front of your family and friends. The energy shifts, putting everyone in the same room on the same page. And, since everyone feels more comfortable with each other after that great start to your reception, they are able to have that moment of vulnerability. The tears will flow.

In fact, you might want to add tissues to your wedding budget.

Reach out to us and we will discuss how we can create your own ROMANTIC Love Story for your wedding.


Sure, rave reviews are great (and I have them and can happily send you links). But you also want to make sure that your entertainment director is someone who represents you and your spouse-to-be the way you want to be represented.

It’s your day.

After all, you shouldn’t have to stress about anything on your wedding day: not the dress, not if your Great Aunt Mildred** winds up bringing her Wednesday night Yahtzee group to the ceremony, and certainly not about if the overall energy is going to lull.

**well, maybe worry a little about your Great Aunt Mildred. But for the most part, let your family handle her shenanigans.

Between my decade-long experience in the wedding industry plus the amount of advanced planning I invest in your wedding, the possibility of the unexpected is not only handled, it’s welcomed.  

I know my brides and grooms so well by the time of the wedding that I can guarantee to transform spontaneity into memorable experiences that’ll have your guests talking for years to come.

So, if you have an uncle that decides he wants to rap and create an invisible game of double dutch in the midst of your reception, I’ll know how to make it work.  

Yup, this really happened.

The Invisible Game of Double Dutch

Interested in seeing how our energy bonds?

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