The Philosophy of Eric Herod, Wedding Entertainment Director®

Since beginning my journey as an entrepreneur back in 2006, I have learned a great deal in understanding my role as the Master of Ceremonies for weddings. I have learned how to engage guests at a wedding reception using humor and emotion, how to be the host by...

Why Being a WED Guild® Member Makes a Difference for Your Wedding

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. In November of 2012, I was recognized by my peers as the newest member of the WED Guild®. What is the...

Fredericksburg, VA Wedding Reception Venue Wrap-Up

Having had the pleasure of serving as a Wedding Entertainment Director® in Virginia since 2008, I have seen a lot of wedding ceremony and wedding reception venues around the Fredericksburg area (my home). Here is a wrap up of some of venues in the area with some...
Wedding Reception Trends for 2014

Wedding Reception Trends for 2014

Ok, so most articles that begin with wedding reception trends for 2014 will give you ideas that are currently in fad or are at the boiling point, ready to breach the surface of “everyone’s doing it.”  If you are looking for that kind of article here... Well, not so...

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Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment3 weeks ago
Interview #11: Meet Michelle Kuzmick of Michelle Kuzmick Photography, an experienced photographer in Richmond whose goal is often to catch the groom with tears in his eyes. Learn the secrets of a great wedding photographer.
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment4 weeks ago
Interview #10: Meet Charmed Life Photography - Lisa Haynes. One of the most inspirational and fun conversations I have had with a wedding professional. Lisa's expertise is in underwater photography, but it is her story of how she turned her fear of the water to her greatest strength that is so inspiring.
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment2 months ago
Interview #9: A fixture of the wedding scene around Fredericksburg, Melissa Arlena Photography is one of the most prominent photography businesses around. But, did you know, that when she's not running her very successful business, she's dreaming of and actually sailing on her boat.
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment added a new photo — with Michelle Miralles Davis.3 months ago
Interview #8: Michelle Miralles Davis of Sparkle Makeup Artistry is truly an artist. Not only does she make brides and their bridesmaids look amazing on the wedding day, but she also uses her background in skin care to help you keep your skin at it's best.
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment added a new photo.3 months ago
How are your resolutions faring? We’re a few weeks into 2018, and if you’re anything like me, you started the year off with a list of big goals. At the top of mine was: get back on the bike, build a new website, spend more time with the kids and my beautiful wife Allison, and turn 30 weddings into a Legendary experiences. Today’s truth: I'm kinda nailing it, and I couldn't be more proud! Maybe you can create the life you want.
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment4 months ago
Happy First Day of Kwanzaa to all those who celebrate!

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