The Philosophy of Eric Herod, Wedding Entertainment Director®

Since beginning my journey as an entrepreneur back in 2006, I have learned a great deal in understanding my role as the Master of Ceremonies for weddings. I have learned how to engage guests at a wedding reception using humor and emotion, how to be the host by...

Why Being a WED Guild® Member Makes a Difference for Your Wedding

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. In November of 2012, I was recognized by my peers as the newest member of the WED Guild®. What is...

Fredericksburg, VA Wedding Reception Venue Wrap-Up

Having had the pleasure of serving as a Wedding Entertainment Director® in Virginia since 2008, I have seen a lot of wedding ceremony and wedding reception venues around the Fredericksburg area (my home). Here is a wrap up of some of venues in the area with some...

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We want to get to know our followers better! So are you engaged (or hoping to get engaged soon😂) or married?
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment
This #weddingwednesday we are sharing the story of Quinton and Togi Barela who wed on February 14, 1954.😍👇🏻⁠
"The Barelas urge all couples to 'come to their senses.' But for them the advice isn't what it seems at face value. Quinton and Togi, who were married in Hawaii on Valentine's Day, find it odd that many men and women don't use all their senses in their married life. 'You don't necessarily need to hear words to understand what your spouse is thinking or feeling.' Quinton says. 'In fact, you shouldn't rely just on words.'⁠
The Barelas have become experts in picking up on non verbal cues--a knowing smile, a downcast face, a sluggish gait, a sense of tension or apprehension in the room. A clinging hug that says 'I really need your support and love right now!' A slight quake in one's voice, a cue that says 'I'm trying to hold it together, but I'm hurt and scared.' Quinton and Togi know that when it comes to understanding your spouse and responding to his or her needs, whats not said is more significant than what IS said. And, similarly, sometimes the context of a sentence or two outshines the words.⁠
'Words are fine,' Togi says, 'but when you are truly tuned int your partner, you'll find that quite often you don't even need words to understand each other.'"⁠

- An expert from the book A Love That Lasts: Inspiring Insights From Couples Married 50 Years And Beyond ⁠
By Todd Hafer
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment
Did you watch the VMAs? Find out if your favorite artist or song won last night!
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment
We will be featured alongside Ava Laurenne Bride, Luminuss Productions, and other great vendors at the upcoming open house at Fauquier Springs Country Club. Tell your friends, anyone recently engaged or anyone who you know about to be engaged. 😁😁

Sunday, August 25th, 2019
11AM - 3 PM
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment shared a Page — feeling excited.
Our own DJ Eric Herod does his mixing thing Live on B101.5's Saturday Night Dance Party with Bill Carroll on B101.5. He’ll be mixing around 10:30pm. Thank you to the Legend and brother Bill Carroll for hosting such a great platform for DJs to shine.
Eric Herod Entertainment
Eric Herod Entertainment
BIG Weekend for Eric Herod Entertainment. We have 1) Nicole Williams DJing and MCing at John and Michelle's Wedding Reception Friday, 2) DJ Eric Herod live at Fats Warrenton, 3) Sergio MonDragon DJing and MCing at Jordan and Kaela's Wedding Saturday night, 3) DJ Eric Herod mixing it up on Club B101.5's Saturday Night Dance Party on the airwaves. Then, Eric celebrates his birthday Monday!! So much going on!"

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