And Now Introducing…

WeddingPros.TV is your site to learn how to make your wedding planning process easier. We will be your guides to understanding the process, prioritizing your preferences, making your budget, and learning about the personalities, backgrounds, and expertise of leaders in the wedding industry.

The mission and purpose of this web show about weddings and wedding planning is simply to provide you, the bride and groom, with as much information as possible to help create the wedding you want.  I’m going to interview professionals in the industry every week and post content, tips, strategies, and perspectives on weddings.  Already posted are interviews with florists, makeup artists, lighting specialists, etc.

When you subscribe, you’ll receive email updates on new episodes and exclusive content that will help you create weddings that are entertaining, beautiful, and memorable, but most importantly, stress-free.  You’ll get to learn some of the superstars in and around the wedding profession from their passions to their background to their approach on creating amazing weddings.  These conversations will help you understand the philosophy behind the companies you see advertised and help you know them before you even meet.

If that wasn’t enough, also available is the Grooms Only Workshop in video series format for grooms to learn how to become The Man at their reception by doing just a few things that no grooms ever think about.  I have given this presentation live in various locations with amazing results on the wedding day.  Now, as a groom, you don’t even have to leave your living room.  Just make sure the fiancée isn’t watching.

All this and more can be found on WeddingPros.TV sponsored by AVP in Richmond, VA and Aspetto in Fredericksburg, VA.  

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