“In love, don’t choose the one you can live with; choose the one you cannot live without.” -Craig Jenkins

Yes, it is obvious: weddings are about love. But, what is the true spirit of your relationship with your partner? Is there a deep desire for each other? Was it an instant attraction when you first met? Or perhaps the relationship is centered on a trust and bond that you found in the consistency of the friendship built over time?

Whatever the spirit of your relationship is, one thing should certain, you cannot live without him. No matter how foolish he can sometimes be. No matter how crazy he gets during football season. No matter what he puts on (or not) when sitting on your couch. You love the big lug. You know that he is perfect for you because he is your perfect complement. He treats you right, and when he does things for you, your heart melts. You can’t live without him.

And then, there you are. You are perfect for him. Guys may not say it to you all the time. Heck, they may not say it half the time, but what he means by all the actions he takes is clear. “I Love You and I cannot live without You.” He takes you for all your faults and doesn’t say a word about any of them. He trusts you incomprehensibly just because you are you. And he will go to the end of the earth and back to give you exactly what you want.

If this isn’t motivation for a great marriage, I don’t know what is.

Have a great Monday, and I’ll see you for Wednesday Wedding Spotlight where I’ll feature a couple on their Fairy Tale Beginning.

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