The Devil – And The Magic – Is In The Details Of Your Wedding

Love, and a bride and groom’s celebration of it, is, in the abstract, a wonderfully uncomplicated affair. Love is love without complexities and bureaucracy.

Not so, however, for the celebration of that love – the wedding. That is NOTHING but details. Unlike love, a wedding is a tangible, palpable thing, and the more you deep-dive and understand the details – and/or hire someone who will – the better your wedding and reception will be.

No one is better at that than Wedding Entertainment Director Peter Merry. He literally wrote the book on it, and he is both the master of the details of creating the best entertainment for your wedding, and understanding those details’ greater meaning and importance.

So let’s talk about details, in a meta sort of way, using part 3 of Merry’s amazing interview with Wedding Pros TV.

1 || Understand Which Details Are Important, And Why.

It’s like this, says Merry:

“You want to talk to somebody who understands how detailed this event is going to be. I don’t just mean the decor and the colors and the theme. I mean details of what happens next, what order it’s going to happen, who’s being introduced, how their names are pronounced, which version of that song you want, the special mix you want created. The kind of detail that can be put on paper and they can show you an agenda of all the things they’re going to do, so that you trust that they know what’s expected and they can create that and deliver that.”

It’s about putting it all together, from A to B to Z.

Your wedding and your reception is a carefully plotted affair, and it’s one that works best when you have someone who not only can create that mixtape, but knows exactly when to play it, too – and when they’re to do everything else they’re supposed to do.

2 || It’s The Stuff That Happens, Not The Way Things Look, That Will Make Your Wedding Memorable.

That’s not to say you’re wedding can’t be or shouldn’t be beautiful. It should be.

But think of the weddings you’ve been to that were memorable in a positive way. Was it really because of that amazing centerpiece? Did the centerpiece transform the reception from a bad time to a good time?

Nothing against that centerpiece, but no, it’ didn’t. You need to focus on the stuff that will happen at your wedding first and foremost.

“If your entire focus on your celebration is the image of the celebration, you could wind up with an amazingly beautiful setting that makes people go “ooh!” when they walk in, and five minutes later they’re texting and their on their phone going, ‘how soon until I can leave?’” says Merry.

3 || Get Yourself A Certified Wedding Entertainment Director

In a roundabout way, what we’ve established here, without wishing to give short shrift to caterers, florists, and venue vendors, is that the person providing the entertainment for your wedding is probably the most crucial in determining whether your wedding will be a success, or a drag for you and your guests.

The above points are a sampling of the plates an entertainment director has to keep spinning in the air, and how high the stakes are for both you as the bride and groom and for the director him or herself.

So how do you know you’re getting a pro’s pro? One way is to get someone certified by the WED Guild (WED stands for, you guessed it, Wedding Entertainment Director). Getting that certification is not easy (Merry describes it as “a gauntlet”) and keeping it is not automatic. Everyone certified by the WED guild is a peerless master of wedding entertainment.

Merry created it himself. “If you’re looking for somebody of a proven caliber, please consider going to the WED guild website and looking up who’s a member there, and consider approaching one of those people about providing entertainment for your wedding.”

It’s the one place you can be assured that you’ll get someone who can pull off the details, and who understands how important those details are.

Really, do you deserve any less?

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