Jereme and Ryen met when neither of them were truly “looking”.  A little over a year ago, their lives would cross paths and change their future forever.

Perfect for each other doesn’t even touch the surface of describing their love.  Simply watching them together will show you that they couldn’t be happier.

Ryen knew that Jereme was her future husband from very early on.  He couldn’t deny her pursuit, and why would he.  As he put it, “I get goosebumps every time we’re together.”

The ceremony was beautiful at the rolling hills of Rock Hill Plantation on July 25, 2009.  It was personalized and delivered just the right touches of their personalities.  Their reception delivered much of the same, even with the power outage.  A storm knocked out the area power, but the party survived and flourished through the delay and after.  Party, Party, Party!!

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