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Well, I don’t know how to describe this wedding other than FUN! Josh and Bree were so delightful to work with throughout the whole process. On the night of the wedding, these two stars shined.

Their Love Story began in 2005 in front of no better place for youthful teenagers than Subway. It was a local hangout, and there was Josh, acting as if he owned the place. Bree knew then that he was the type of guy she was looking for in a man. Their attraction to each other continued to grow.

With hilarious story after story, these two finally engaged in 2007. Their long engagement ended Saturday, May 30, 2009, in the gorgeous Belmont Studios of the American Impressionist painter of the 1920s, Gari Melcher.

Josh got so caught up in the moment that he took center stage with a couple of his own renditions of Ring of Fire and Idiot Boyfriend. The night was full of excitement. What a great start to a beautiful marriage!

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