Sarah and Josh – K Pearlman Photography

Josh and Sarah knew of each other throughout their time at North Stafford High School, but never dated or pursued any kind of relationship. It wouldn’t be until their lives crossed paths again after college at a church function where Josh and Sarah “found” each other.

Josh was instantly interested in Sarah telling others, “What a Hottie!”  Sarah thought something similar describing Josh as “really goofy, but a really hot guy.”

The connection was instant.  They would date for a few weeks before Josh couldn’t take it anymore and kissed her for the first time.  Sarah was so excited over the first kiss that she even had trouble driving home.

The two would continue dating for several months, but both knew that the other was the perfect complement.  Then, Josh took Sarah to Old Mill Park for a picnic; however, when they arrived, there were no picnic items.  No food, no napkins, no blanket.  Josh picked up his guitar and began to sing.  He sang an originally composed song all about his love for Sarah.

When he ended, he asked, “Sarah, will you marry me?”

On May 21, 2011, Josh and Sarah celebrated their marriage with friends and family at the Jepson Alumni Executive Center.  After a fun Grand Entrance and a wonderful dinner catered by Sodexo Catering, I shared their Love Story.  During the story, Josh sang his song live in front of Sarah and all of the guests. At an emotionally charged ending, Josh danced with Sarah to Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk.  It would be a night full of fun, romance, and non-stop energy.

Thanks to Karen Pearlman of K Pearlman Photography and Marian Zimmerman Flowers for adding their wonderful creativity.

Fun with Josh and Sarah – K Pearlman Photography

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